The Minnesota Vikings seem to have used up all their luck in 2022's 13-win season that featured 11 wins in one-score games. So far this season the Vikings have lost three games by a total of just 13 points.

Since 1990, only four teams have started 0-3 and gone on to make the playoffs: the 1992 San Diego Chargers, 1995 Detroit Lions, 1998 Buffalo Bills and the 2018 Houston Texans.

When it comes to those teams' playoff success... there wasn't much of it to speak of.

The Chargers won their Wild Card round game before falling 31-0 to Miami in 1993, the Lions were destroyed 58-37 in their 1996 playoff game, the Bills were defeated by Miami in 1999 and the Texans were upset by the Colts in their playoff game in 2019.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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With that being said, it looks like it will take a Buck Hill-sized climb to get back into the playoff picture- even with the North Division looking pretty soft at the moment. Will you still plan your Sunday around watching the Vikings if they fall even further out of the picture?

When the Vikings are going good, like they were last season, everyone follows the team closely. The team is the talk of the water cooler at work, on social media, etc. The really bad seasons are pretty rare for the Vikings, so it will be interesting to see how many people bail on them so early in the season.

Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian

On the bright side, a total collapse could mean cheaper tickets for those wanting to go to a game and maybe even a high draft pick the team could use to take a new quarterback.

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