ST. STEPHEN (WJON News) -- It wasn't the Powerball but someone playing the lottery in Stearns County has won a big jackpot prize.

On Tuesday there was a winning ticket worth $161,363 in the game Print-N-Play sold at St. Stephen Gas & Grocery.

The progressive jackpot increases as tickets are sold. Once the jackpot is won, the progressive jackpot resets to $5,000.

Players can choose from Bingo, Crossword and Slots. All these games share the same progressive jackpot.

Each of the three play styles is offered at a $1, $3 and $5 price point.  $5 ticket is eligible to win 100 percent of the jackpot $3 ticket is eligible to win 60 percent of the jackpot $1 ticket is eligible to win 20 percent of the jackpot

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The record amount ever won in the game is $526,250 – won on a $5 Crossword ticket (12/14/2021).


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