ROYALTON - Friends, coaches and teachers all praise Ben Borash for his near perfect blend of confidence, leadership and humbleness.

The Royalton High school senior is captain of the basketball team and also takes part in countless other activities and community events, leading the school to award him the September high school student of the month award.

Ben Borash during a basketball practice at Royalton High School. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"I'm in lots of extracurricular activities like knowledge bowl, student council, I schedule things around classes, it always seems like I'm missing a class for an activity," Borash says.

Ben’s basketball coach, Randy Thielges says he’s become a natural leader for the team.

"Ben's the captain for us, he's been a three year starter now. He's not only our leading scorer but he's the guy who can have a full stat line, a few steals, a few assists, a few three pointers. He's always hustling."

Ben also excels in cross country and track. No pun intended, but he says the sport runs in the family.

"One of my older brothers was actually the first boy from our school to go to state and now I'm the third in my family to make it to state."

Ben is an active student and teachers say he studies hard and does well in class. He's undecided on where he would like to attend college, but would like to pursue a degree in animal science.

Thielges adds that his confidence and strong work ethic makes everyone around him better as a result.

"Confidence is a big part of any young man's disposition and he's taking care of things very well. If you look at Ben it's the kind of guy you'd want to be around, he's not going to put anyone down and he's supportive."