We've all probably seen the recent news stories about UFO's and alleged aliens reported in Las Vegas over the weekend. Well, this sighting was a little closer to home last summer over Forest Lake.

According to newsbreak.com the witness and her husband saw the objects in the Eastern sky flying in a triangular formation at around dusk. “As we watched in bewilderment, there were three UFOs in a triangle formation at first,” the reporting witness stated. “Then, the objects would dart around, zigzagging. Sometimes you could see only two, and then one, and then two.”

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Unfortunately, they were not able to capture any images of the UFOs but the woman claims she had a clear view of whatever these objects were. “They were far away so I can’t say the shape. I saw the lights of the crafts. And there were three crafts. I saw them in formation as a triangle first, and then it was like a scattered display of zigzagging and movement.”

This story sounds pretty close to a story a person I know and her husband witnessed several yeas ago outside of Detroit Lakes.  They were saying in a cabin in bed sleeping when they heard the fan in their room stop running.

The got up and realized that all the power in the cabin had gone out. Looking out the window they saw 3 lighted spheres darting around above the courtyard. Sometimes the objects would merge into one or two spheres.

They watched these objects for about 20 minutes until all 3 spheres merged into one and shot into the sky. As soon as they were gone all the power came back on in the cabin.

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