MINNEAPOLIS -- The focus of the final day of the NFL Draft for the Minnesota Vikings was simple -- help out the offense.

That's exactly what GM Rick Spielman did yesterday (Saturday) selecting Offensive lineman T.J. Clemmings (4th round), Tyrus Thompson (6th round), and Austin Shepard (7th round).

It's no secret (whether Adrian Peterson comes back or not) that the offensive line needed help, now whether these players will be starters day 1 is a different story.

Thompson and Shepard should be valuable backups on a team that was plagued with injuries on the line, however Clemmings could be the X Factor. A foot-injury (which Clemmings says is 100%) and lack of experience at the position may have caused teams to pass on him but the Vikings feel there is some worth there.

Other offensive picks chosen was designed to help second year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings selected tight end MyCole Pruitt and Stefon Diggs both in the 5th round.

It's unclear how they will be used in the Norv Turner system, but both are great athletes and have amazing speed. Give it time and if they make the final roster Turner is bound for find some use for them.

The final two players the Vikings drafted were on the defensive front. Defensive End B.J. Dubose (6th round) and Linebacker Edmond Robinson (7th round) round out the 2015 draft class for Minnesota.

All in all the Vikings hit several needs and are excited to get these guys into camp and see what they can do.