He's definitely going to wake up with a bruise the next day.

Over the weekend, a video of a young Minnesota Golden Gophers fan jumping onto and breaking a plastic table Bills Mafia-style was posted to Twitter. "Oh, what it’s like to be young and have no nagging injuries, U of M grad and co-owner/writer for GopherHole.com Nadine Babu captioned her video. "Respect."

In the video, a young adult male in a Golden Gophers sweatshirt can be seen launching himself off the back of a pickup truck, jumping elbow drop-style onto a plastic table beneath. The table (which, notably, appears to be bent already, perhaps from a previous attempt) breaks beneath him. Although the jump looks painful, he quickly pops back up to screams, cheers and bro bumps of the fans around him.
While some like Babu admired his resilience, others on Twitter were not as impressed. "Gopher fans, please don’t do this," pleaded WCCO Radio talk show host
Henry Lake

Most, however, just agreed that the jump looked painful.

While jumping on tables for the purpose of breaking them isn't a new concept, it's been made particularly popular by fans of the Buffalo Bills NFL team also known as Bills Mafia. As evidenced by the countless videos posted online, even the women like to participate!

I say, you do you, Gophers fans. If you want to break your backs on tables, go for it. As for us Central Minnesotans -- we'll stick to throwing trash on the ice.

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