Luxury travel and lifestyle magazine Conde Nast Traveler asked 50 people from around the country to name their state's most hipster city.

In the video below, some were predictable picks ("There's nothing more hipster than Portland, Oregon where the youth like to be homeless and food trucks run rampant"). Other answers were either difficult or surprising ("There's not a lot of hipsters in Arkansas. Maybe somewhere in the mountains, like Ozark Mountains. It's not really my scene.").

One might guess Minnesota's most hipster city would be a toss-up between the two biggest cities Minneapolis and St. Paul. Even Duluth or Moorhead might have been fair picks. But in the video, Minnesota's representative -- a tall, attractive, snow-white redhead of clearly Scandinavian descent-- surprised us all with her answer.

"Maybe Stillwater, where I'm from," she drawls, "could be a little hipster." The brevity of her answer not only displays her own uncertainty but affirms that she really knows nothing about the hipster culture at all.

Then again, even other Minnesotans in the video's comment section couldn't seem to agree on Minnesota's most hipster city.

"'Maybe stillwater' nah stillwater is for the yuppies," said one. "Minneapolis MN is the hipster city."

"Stillwater is literally just a white suburb," commented another. "Mpls or Duluth man."

"To the girl [from] Minnesota," commented a third, "St. Paul is literally the most hipster thing ever, St. Anthony Park to be specific, but it is sooo hipster."

The most hipster cities in Minnesota's neighboring states were:

Fargo, ND -- "If you're from rural North Dakota, Fargo is almost not a part of North Dakota. That's Minnesota. They don't like to claim it."

Madison, WI -- "I would say the most hipster city of Wisconsin is Madison because of its long history of progressive politics, facial hair and overalls."

Brookings, SD

Ames, IA

Watch the full video for yourself above and see which cities are named the most hipster in all 50 states!

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