We still can't stop talking about Minnesota's PWHL amazing win of the very first Walter Cup.  I'm still getting responses from our audience on name suggestions should the Minnesota PWHL decide they need a name and a mascot. Minnesotans are standing by to help them create it. That's the excitement that these women have created here in Minnesota.


The PWHL had their awards ceremony on Tuesday at the InterContinental Riverfront Hotel and Minnesota players were highly represented.

Grace Zumwinkle, from Excelsior, Minnesota, was awarded "Rookie of the Year" for her amazing regular season play. In her very first PWHL game, she got a hat trick for Team Minnesota! Go Grace! She was also named to the PWHL 2nd Team All-Star list and the PWHL All-Rookie Team. Zumwinkle said, "You look back at my hockey history so far and a lot of it has happened in the State of Hockey, in Minnesota...There are so many people that I have to thank as well as our coaches and staff that have been great throughout this year. I think there's a lot of girls on our team that are from Minnesota and there's just so much pride behind our team and I think bringing the Walter Cup back home to Minnesota was just the cherry on top for a lot of us."

(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)
(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)


Awards were voted on after the conclusion of the regular season and postseason performance was not considered in the outcome of the awards that were given. The awards were as follows:

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The PWHL 1st Team ALL Stars are:

  • G- Kristen Campbell, TOR
  • D- Erin Ambrose, MTL
  • D- Ella Shelton, NY
  • F- Natalie Spooner, TOR
  • F- Marie-Philip Poulin - MTL
  • F- Alex Carpenter- NY

PWHL 2nd Team All Stars:

  • G- Aerin Frankel, BOS
  • D- Megan Keller, BOS
  • D- Renata Fast, TOR
  • F- Sarah Nurse, TOR
  • F- Grace Zumwinkle, MN
  • F- Brianne Jenner, OTT

PWHL ALL Rookie Team

  • G- Emma Soderberg, BOS
  • D- Sophie Jacques, MN
  • D- Ashton Bell, OTT
  • F- Grace Zumwinkle, MN
  • F- Emma Maltais, TOR
  • F- Alina Muller, BOS

Watch the video below that talks about the event, and hear what Grace has to say about the hope that PWHL is bringing girls all over Minnesota and beyond. The future looks bright for women hockey! Go Minnesota!



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