Portions of the city operated Municipal Athletic Complex are on Federal land owned by the Veterans Administration.  Those portions include Joe Faber Field and all of the Veteran's Golf Course with the exception of the club house. Dick Putz Field, the hockey arenas and parking lot are all part of the city's property.

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St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says back in the 1990s when the city wanted to build a new stadium and the V.A. wanted the city to operate the golf course the St. Cloud V.A. and the city of St. Cloud entered into an advanced lease.  The city has leased this property for more than 30 years.  Kleis says the fee is approximately $5,000 a year with the V.A. getting 1% of baseball revenues if there is revenues to be had.

The city's current lease expires in 2032 and St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis spend some time in Washington D.C. meeting with officials there to extend the lease.  He says it is important now to extend the lease so the state's bonding dollars can be available. Kleis says they will be asking voters in November to vote on a 1/2 cent sales tax.  He says the bonding dollars would be paid back beyond 10 years so that's why the lease needs to extend beyond the repayment of the bonding dollars.

The V.A. has to make a decision on what will become of their properties in St. Cloud long term.  A few weeks ago the V.A. recommending building new buildings on the St. Cloud V.A. grounds.  See that story here.  Kleis says all possibilities are available in their negotiations including splitting golf course and baseball properties in the lease.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis it is available below.



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