The Vikings host the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday at noon.  Hear the game on WJON.  Both teams are 3-2 which makes this game important for playoff positioning, tiebreaks, and maybe seeding.  The Vikings have been alternating good games with bad games but have also played well at home.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today.  He says this game will be a good test for the Vikings.  Listen below.


The Cardinals and Nationals pulled off upsets in Game 5 of each of their NLDS series and with the Dodgers out the National League the Yankees could be the favorite if the Astros lose to the Rays tonight.

The Minnesota Wild go for their first win tonight when they play at Winnipeg.  Hear tonight's game on WJON.  Jim and I discussed how the Wild might get great.  One possibility is to tear it down and start over.  Jim's not sure that is a way that works.