The city's of St. Paul and Minneapolis have instituted a mask mandate to deal with the increase in COVID-19 cases.  CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris went to local civic leaders, which includes St. Cloud area mayors, to ask them to institute a mask mandate indoors at public places like restaurants, bars, grocery stores and retail establishments late last week.

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Today on WJON's 2-cent Tuesday listeners weighed in on the topic.  Many listeners expressed support of a mask mandate citing a need to support health care workers who wear masks all day everyday while treating sick people.  Many emailers supported this take and would like to see area Mayors act.  Others question the direction of those in the health care industry because of the changing message. A listener said masks weren't requested early in the pandemic and then a cloth mask was acceptable and now only medical quality masks are recommended.

Tune in and call in Wednesday from 9:10-10 on a What Up Wednesday to voice your opinion.


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