Some really great news came out this week involving Minnesota's moose population.

The Minnesota Fish and Wildlife page on Facebook shared the good news that the DNR has been awarded funding for large-scale moose habitat restoration:

The America the Beautiful Challenge, managed by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, has awarded Minnesota DNR $443,600 to fund planning efforts for large-scale moose habitat restoration in northeast Minnesota.

It took a village to make this happen. Tribal, federal, county, and non-governmental partner organizations all came together to collaborate on the grant application, which was one of 55 chosen in the country out of more than 500 applications.

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The grant will fund a series of workshops will the groups who put together that application so they can come together and start to tackle the issue of moose habitat and figure out a way to effectively restore the area. The implementation plan they come up with will also identify potential sources of funding to complete the large-scale habitat restoration. These funded workshops will be taking place in 2023 and 2024.

There are three areas of 10,000 to 50,000 contiguous acres each that are the ones these groups are hoping to make a plan to restore.

As a Minnesota woman who grew up as a moose-obsessed child, I'm so excited to hear this news. I know it is funding for planning, but planning is the first step of taking action to help the population of these majestic creatures thrive for generations to come.

Check out more on this grant on the Minnesota DNR website. 

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