Even though I may be off by a couple points, I feel certain I've figured out the Vikings quarterly plan for Sunday's Bears game. Let's see how my prediction compares to sports master Dave Overlund's prediction!

Barry's Predictions:

1st Quarter... Vikings 10, Bears 3.
Bears will get a sack on Bridgewater and score a 3 point field goal. Vikings defense will get a turnover that leads to a Vikings touchdown for 7 points, as well as a 3 point field goal.

2nd Quarter... Vikings 13, Bears 10.
Bears will score a touchdown late in the quarter and will intercept a Bridgewater pass. Vikings will be forced to a field goal from failed attempts to score from the red zone.

3rd Quarter... Vikings 13, Bears 20.
Bears will get 2 sacks on Bridgewater, score a touchdown for 7, and a 3 point field goal. Vikings will be held to no score this quarter.

4th Quarter... Vikings 27, Bears 26.
Bears will be kept to 2 field goals and no more touchdowns. Vikings will find Peterson as their go-to player as he scores 2 touchdowns to surpass the Bears final score.

Dave's Predictions:

1st Quarter... Jay Cutler throws deep downfield and connects with... NO! IT CAN'T BE! IS THAT BERNARD BERRIAN'S MUSIC!?! Berrian emerges from a cloud of smoke at the 20 yard line and scampers in with the touchdown! 7-0 Bears. The crowd goes bonkers, and nearly a dozen fans die of asphixiation from choking on their bratwurst.  Cordarrelle Patterson receives the kick 9.5 yards deep in his own end zone and returns it to the 17 yard line, as usual. END ONE: Bears 7, Vikings 0

2nd Quarter... The Vikings, realizing that some sort of hole has been ripped in the space-time continuum, summon 1998 Randy Moss and 1974 Chuck Foreman to join the offense. However, due to a critical mathematical error, end up with Gino Torretta at quarterback. The Vikings go three and out, and punt the ball back to the Bears. The Bears attempt to bring Walter Payton back via Ouija board, but instead Curtis Enis emerges from the tunnel, wearing a McDonald's uniform and complaining about traffic. Enis scores a rushing touchdown while taking orders for the State Street location as he runs. He messes up three orders but still finds the end zone.  The Bears kick the ball back to the Vikings, who fail to score. END TWO: Bears 14, Vikings 0

3rd Quarter... The Vikings hire a warlock and Miss Cleo to try and piece together a roster to compete with the Bears, who during the break have conjured present-day Leslie Frazier and Mike Singletary to join the defense. The warlock and Miss Cleo, working on short-notice, come up with Amp Lee and Jeff Brady. It does not help. At this point the crowd has gone from amused to terrified and are scrambling for the exits.  END THREE: Bears 14, Vikings 0.

4th Quarter... Realizing time is short, the Vikings airlift Bud Grant to Soldier Field. Grant and Zimmer get into an epic battle to the death on the sidelines, with Grant eventually winning by jamming a silver dagger into Zimmer's chest. The football Gods are pleased, and suddenly Randall McDaniel, Korey Stringer, Matt Birk and (to a lesser extent) Todd Steussie appear to join the offensive line. Alternating carries, Adrian Peterson, Amp Lee and Chuck Foreman prove to be too much to handle and the Vikings tie the game at 14. Then, I don't know, Fuad Reviez or someone kicks a 70-yard field goal and the Vikings win.