When it comes to making snowmen I have very little talent. Generally, I cannot even get that first ball rolled big enough to competently get a second one on top of it (let alone the head).

That's not a problem for this wonderful artist in Becker, who has created a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex in their front yard- made completely of snow! Man, I would be my toddler's HERO if I could pull this off!

A photo of the colossal fossil was posted to the Becker, MN Community Forum Facebook page and the reactions are priceless.


I drove by (when) he was about halfway done and I couldn't wait to see what it was going to be. Such an AMAZING JOB!


Almost drove into the other lane after my kids shouted "mom T-Rex!!" So cool.


My kids absolutely LOVED seeing this as we drove by after school and talked about it again before they went to bed.


My daughter loves driving by!


My son has been obsessed with driving by every chance we get! He loves it and the fact that it is a dinosaur.

The dinosaur is the work of Paul Larcom. According to one commenter he had a Labyrinth theme to his snow art last year.

The massive meat-eater is located in Becker on Sherburne Avenue.

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