It's like a major holiday weekend that involves crock pot-cooking just happened... oh wait.

I was at Walmart in Sartell on Monday picking up a few things to make a batch of soup, and as I rounded the corner in the cooler section from the eggs to the cheese, I noticed a glaring hole on the shelves. The cooler section which is usually stocked full of bags of shredded cheese was totally wiped clean.

There were a few stray bags of dairy-free "cheese" as well as a few jumbo bags of shredded Colby jack and sharp cheddar. But if you needed just a normal bag of shredded mozzarella or any other standard shredded cheese, you were out of luck.

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Lucky for me, shredded cheese wasn't on my shopping list. Finally my dairy allergy is good for something. It didn't throw a wrench into my errand running, but I imagine that this was quite the hiccup for a lot of shoppers. We are in that gray area between Christmas and New Year where people are doing a reset and getting ready for the second weekend in a row of gatherings. In Minnesota, that means stocking up on things like shredded cheese to make another batch of dips and hot dishes.

Here's hoping this was just a temporary shortage due to the busy holiday weekend and shredded cheese isn't the next big shortage we have to deal with.

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