The games are scheduled to start September 12th and run thru October 10th with playoff. Games are scheduled for 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM. I am planning to have game summaries each week. Round Robin play and then playoffs the last two Sundays.







Al Smith, Cody Thiery, Andy Johnson, Jackson Layer, Conor Deans, Nick Proshek, Cole Gueningsman, Richard Thompson, Jack Grell, Jeremy Lewerenz, Andy Nefs, Zach Schmidt, Ty Carper, Brooke Corrigan, Hunter Mutterer,  Adam Smith, Augie Rodriguez, Callan Henkemeyer, Jordan Picka, Jake Carper, Izzy Carper, Andy Henkemeyer, Justin Houge, Sam Carper, Hunter Holewa, Josh Agresto, Josh Madden (Rogers), Jackson Henderson, Bryan McCallum (Rogers), Troy Deans.


Tyler Stang (Luxemburg), Rudy Notch (Pearl Lake), Andrew Schmidt  (Pearl Lake) , JT Harren (Luxemburg), Dawson Hemmesch (Roscoe), Nick Schmidt (Pearl Lake), Brady Linn (Rockies), Collin Eskew (Rockies), Alex Foehrenbacher (St. Nicholas).


Scott Marquardt (Kimball), Kyle Budde (Richmond), David Jonas (Rockies), Drew Vanloy (Springers), Zach Femrite (Springers), Mike Krotchburns (Kimball), Dusty Adams (Richmond), Brian Hansen (Springers), Josh Stoll (Apple Valley 35+), Nick Corbin (Cokato), Teddy Fleming (Sartell SP), Jackson Marquardt (Kimball).



Andrew Moynagh, Travis Bickman, Joe Von Hagen  (part time), Bradley Farniok,

Brady Boeddeker, Robb Moynagh, Cole Hansen, Hank Bulson (Springers).



Clearwater River Cats vs. Central Valley League      (12:00)

MW/BPapa vs. WebGems.  (3:00)


Results For Sunday September 12th


Central Valley League 9  WebGems   3

The starting pitcher for the Central Valley was lefty JT Harren, he threw a compete game, gave up three runs in the first inning.  Tyler Stang hit a solo home run in the next inning we continued to hit the ball putting up 7 more and one more in the 8th with final score 9-3. Tyler Stang 3 for 4, Alex Foehrenbacher 3 for 4,  Rudy Notch 2 for 4, Collin Eskew went 2 for- 4, Tyler Stang had a home run, double and a single. Alex Foehrenbacher had a pair of doubles and Rudy Notch had a double and a single.   Collin Eskew had a pair of doubles.

Starting pitcher for the WebGems was Dusty Adams, Mike Krotchburns and Josh Stoll threw in relief. Their leaders on offense was: Scott Marquardt, David Jonas and Drew VanLoy.

MW/BPapa 10 Clearwater River Cats 4

The Montrose crew starting pitcher was Preston Schlagel, Zeus Schlagel , Hunter Hamers and Hank Bulson all threw in relief.

Their offense was led by Andrew Moynagh went 1-for-5 with a home run for three RBIs. Brady Buedbaker went 1-for-4 for two RBIs, he had a stolen base and he scored a run. No. 15 went 1-for-3 with a double for an RBI, he earned a walk and he scored a run. No. 11 went 2-for-4 with a double and he scored a pair of runs and Travis Bickman went 1-for-5  with a double and he scored a run. No. 2 went 2-for-4, he earned a walk and he scored a run. Jake Sohns went 1-for-5 for two RBIs and Wyatt Johnson went 1-for-2 with a stolen base and he scored two runs. Bradley Farniok was credited for two RBIs and Joe VonHagen scored a run.

The River Cats starting pitcher was Josh Agresto, he threw five innings, he gave up five hits, five runs, two walks and he recorded five strikeouts. Jackson Henderson threw one inning in relief, he gave up four hits, five runs and he issued two walks. Bryan “Big Mac” McCallum threw three innings in relief, he gave up one hit and he recorded four strikeouts.

The River Cats offense was led by Hunter Holewa, he went 1-for-4 for 2 RBIs. Andy Johnson went 1-for-3 for an RBI, he was hit by a pitch, he had a stolen base and he scored a run. Al Smith went 1-for-3, he was hit by a pitch and he had a stolen base. Josh Madden went 1-for-4 and he scored a run and Nick Proshek earned a pair of walks and he had two stolen bases. Callan Henkemyer went 1-for-3 and he earned a walk, Adam Smith earned two walks and he scored a run and Jake Carper earned a walk.

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