I moved back here to my home state of Minnesota a couple months ago.  Before that I was in San Diego for over 15 years.  When visiting the beaches there you would see all kinds of art.  Lots of creatives would hang out at or live at the beach.

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So it was pretty common to see some quirky, odd, cool looking cars that the owners had made into what was basically a canvas on wheels.  They would paint or adorn them in different ways.  I miss seeing all the creativity in one place.

So, that's why I was super excited to see this ArtCar Beach Bash coming to Silver Bay!  I thought it would be a great thing to share so that you can put it on your calendar and check out all these awe-inspiring cars with their incredible artwork!

Photo by: Monica Schipper-Getty Images
Photo by: Monica Schipper-Getty Images

The weekend festivities include live music and the North Shore Journal describes the weekend:

Leading into the weekend will be an art discus­sion forum at Reunion Hall in Silver Bay on Thursday, August 17. An evening ArtCar Sneak Peak opportunity takes place in downtown Sil­ver Bay on Friday, August 18. The full day ex­hibition takes place at the ArtCar Beach Bash at Black Beach on Saturday, August 19. All events and activities during the ArtCar Beach Bash weekend are free and open to all.

This event was in Houston, but if you've never been to an ArtCar Event it gives you a good idea of what to expect.



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