COLLEGEVILLE (WJON News) -- This week marks the 20th anniversary since then 20-year-old Josh Guimond went missing from the campus of St. John's University in Collegeville.

The original theory is he went missing on his own after leaving a friend's dorm room on campus, however, Stearns County Sheriff Steve Soyka who was of course not part of the original investigation says it's now believed that he left campus either voluntarily going with someone or was abducted.

Over time there are hunters and animals and all kinds of other stuff that his clothes or something if he passed away, would have turned up by now.

Last month the Sheriff's Office released a number of images that were found on Guimond's computer.

Photo: Stearns County Sheriff.
Photo: Stearns County Sheriff.

Soyka says no one has come forward and said they are one of the people in the pictures, but he says they have received over 50 tips from the public, which is more tips than they've had over the past 10 years. Soyka admits some tips have been pretty far-fetched, but others seem more credible.

Trying to track down these people and identify them.  We just want to talk to those people and find out why might their image be on his computer, were they exchanging information, were they communicating?

Soyka says the case is still classified as a missing persons investigation.

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He says the sheriff's office does have some other things in the works, but because it is still an active investigation he can't comment on that right now.

There has also been some national attention to Guimond's disappearance with the recent episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

Also, Josh Newville a podcaster in Minneapolis started a bi-weekly podcast this summer called Simply Vanished which has been digging into Guidmond's disappearance.

Sheriff Soyka says he'll take whatever help they can get to solve this case.  He says the county has never stopped working this case and there has always been a detective assigned to the case.

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