Not that I miss them but I have noticed there just aren't very many of those biting pests around this summer.

For some odd reason, mosquitoes don't like me any more. Over the last decade or so, I rarely have been bitten by a mosquito. My theory is that word may have gotten around the mosquito world that my blood may be toxic.  Whatever the reason, I'm just happy they aren't out in full force this summer.

The obvious answer to why a lot of mosquitoes are not around this summer is the extremely dry conditions. Mosquitoes like to breed in standing water and with the lack of any significant rainfall, there isn't much standing water to breed in.

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So, dry weather combined with treatment in keeping the number of these pests down, way down, according what the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District told WCCO.  “District wide we’re seeing lower mosquito numbers compared to what we usually see,” said Alex Carlson of the MMCD. “It’s been very unusual.”

The good news is that since there are so few mosquitoes this time of the summer, when mosquito populations are usually at their peak, chances are there won't be many next summer either.

Pretty exciting, right?  Well, don't get too carried away and throw out all your bug spray.

“The floodwater mosquitos are still very dependent on rain and their eggs can survived unhatched for up to seven years, so if we have one rainy year, that’s all it takes,” said Carlson.

Keep your fingers crossed. I've often said over the years that if it weren't for mosquitoes, Minnesota would be a perfect paradise in the summer.

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