Like many others, I do enjoy the convenience of a drive-thru when ordering food. It seems to run smoother and is much easier to remain in my car. However, when the drive-thru experience turns into 15 to 20 minutes waiting in line to order, they've lost my business.

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Most places I frequent are pretty good. Culver's is excellent, Burger King and McDonald's also seem to run their customers through at a pretty good pace. Wendy's however, has really slipped since the beginning of the pandemic.

It's not just the St Cloud/Waite Park Wendy's. It is happening across the country. According to, Wendy's nationwide, is not living up to expectations. Which is not a good sign for America's 2nd largest burger chain.

Intouch Insight did their annual drive-thru study and found that Wendy's had the lowest accuracy and customer satisfaction scores. The drive-thru study visited 1500 of the biggest fast food chains like, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, KFC, Hardee's and Arby's.

In those 1500 hundred visits, Wendy's scored the worst in order accuracy, scoring only a 79% in fulfilling orders correctly. McDonald's and Arby's scored an almost 90% in customer satisfaction on fulfilling their drive-thru orders. Chick-fil-A scored a 95% in the same category.

I actually really used to enjoy my trips to Wendy's. Service used to be a quick in and out and the food was always up to expectations. Something happened to change all that. The lines at the drive-thru move ever so slowly and maybe it's just me, but the food doesn't seem as good as before.

It's understood that most fast food chains are having difficulty hiring and retaining quality employees since the beginning of the pandemic but all the other chains have the similar obstacles, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I'm not dismissing Wendy's forever. I'll check them out in the future and see if they've again become what I was used to.

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