I've only sort of experienced something like this. When I lived in Southern California, I went with a friend to a nude beach called Blacks Beach. It's a stretch of beach north of San Diego near Torrey Pines Golf Course.

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The first thing I noticed was that 99% of the people there really should keep their clothes on, know what I mean?

Well, as the weather gets warmer and you are looking for something different this if you are looking to try something different this summer and you don't feel like packing a lot of clothes, maybe this is just the ticket for an unconventional Minnesota summer vacation.

Located not far from St Cloud is a family nudist campground called Avatan. Put this in your Google Maps to find largest nudist resort, 524 Sims Rd NE, East Bethel, Minnesota.

The place is totally legit and is licensed by the state of Minnesota. It boasts 40 acres of rolling woodland grounds with amenities  like a clubhouse kid's pool, adult pool, sauna, hot tub, spa, and pickle ball court. I don't know about you but I'm not a big fan of being around a lot of people with their pickles out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging.  It's just even when I walk by my bathroom mirror naked, I scare myself. I couldn't do that to other people.


Interested? Bring your tent, RV or check into one of Avatan's cabins. Some tips from the nice folks at Avatan;

  • Bring a towel. The resort encourages bring a towel to be polite and sanitary.  After all, who wants to sit where someone else's naked butt has been sitting.
  • Avatan is a family friendly resort and reminds visitors that sexual activity in a public setting is illegal.
  • If you have not done a background check since 2018, submit that in advance to expedite your check in.


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