Like it or not, St Cloud Superman has been a fixture in St Cloud for as long as I can recall. Most people have had minimal contact with St Cloud Superman and those that have usually came away with some sort of negative experience.

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My one encounter with St Cloud's Superman came 12-15 years ago. I was asked to sit in the radio station vehicle at Tech High School on yearbook signing day. I was there only to play tunes during the time students sign each other's yearbooks.

As I was just sitting in the station vehicle playing music for the event, I noticed St Cloud Superman standing across the street in his full Superman costume. Eventually, he wandered over and asked me nicely if I would pop a CD he had with him into the CD player in the vehicle. I thought. why not?

It turned out the the CD was the theme from Superman and once St Cloud Superman was positioned on the sidewalk in front of Tech High School, he signaled me to start the CD. As the Superman theme played he commenced to strutting up and down the sidewalk in his Superman garb for what seemed like a lifetime.

There is a group called MN Crime Watchers and they monitor several news sources and the radio police band. Last night they heard some chatter on the police band that St Cloud Superman had phoned in a report that he was being harassed at Lake George according to MN Crime Watchers' Facebook Page.

Evidently, some "youths" we throwing objects at St Cloud Superman's politically  decorated vehicle. You've most likely seen this vehicle cruising around town. It's pretty hard to miss, donned with all kinds of Trump stuff.

No word yet on what happened. I'll keep monitoring MN Crime Watchers for any future updates.

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