St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says the City of St. Cloud is looking to hire life guards for the city's wading pools this summer.  The pools were not open the past 2 years due to the pandemic.  Kleis says last year they didn't have enough notice from the lifting of the executive order by the Governor to hire the necessary staff to open the wading pools.

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Kleis says it will be a challenge to hire the necessary staff acknowledging the worker shortage in the community.  He says they intent to have the staff in place to open the wading pools.  Kleis says the money is budgeted for these positions.  He says the hiring process involves finding qualified people, doing background checks and conducting interviews.  Kleis says the operation of the pools includes both lifeguards and maintenance.

St. Cloud has seven wading pools at Centennial, Haws, Hester, Pantown, Rotary, Seberger, and Spalt parks.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis it is available below.



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