Pot holes all across Minnesota are especially a problem this spring.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON for a Radio Town Hall.  He indicates because of high demand throughout the state for the winter mix for pot hole filling the city is paying more and driving further to obtain this mix.  Kleis says they had been getting this mix from a local producer but recently the city has had to drive to obtain this mix to handle the numerous pot holes in the community.

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Kleis says the winter mix isn't as effective as the hot mix they could use when the weather warms up.  He explains the winter mix is temporary and can pop out with moisture and the freeze and thaw that is still happening this spring.  The snowy winter and heavy amount of pot holes has led to more costs going to roads this winter/spring than expected in the city but Kleis says they do have emergency funding that can be used to cover these unexpected costs. He says this will likely cause them to adjust the 2024 budget.

The legislature hasn't settled how much money could be available for roads and Kleis says he'd like to see some of the budget surplus dollars go to roads and road repairs throughout the state.

The type of asphalt and material that is used for roads in Minnesota according to Kleis hasn't gotten worse over time.  He says the studies are constantly being done to find more effective weather resistant material for Minnesota roads.  Kleis says the freeze, thaw and moisture that happens often in our state causes problems for our roads.

If people have pot holes in their neighborhood that they'd like the city to be aware of the phone number to call is 320-650-2900.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis about pot holes it is available below.



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