We first heard about this situation back in April.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about a Space Shuttle replica being moved from Florida to St. Cloud.  They are going to have to take some of it apart in order to move it here, and then reassemble it after they place it where they want it in downtown St. Cloud.

In a parking lot.

The parking lot that is being looked at is the one right across from the Children's museum, the Lady Slipper lot.  At first I was thinking about why we were taking away so many spots for parking downtown, but then we do have 3 ramps for that situation, so it's ok.

But, if this individual, Felcity - John Pederson, wants to spend a million dollars to move the replica here, go for it.  But i have another idea other than just plopping it in the middle of a parking lot with an enclosure for people to just ooh and ahh over.

How about making a themed bar/grill?  That could be super cool, and have another option for business downtown.  Maybe taking up the former Capital One building, which is basically empty now, and make it into something that people would want to see, spend some money in, and hang out.  Also, offices could still be on some upper floors if needed.  Or, maybe just the very top floor, this thing is HUGE, so that might be the deal.  But something other than just plopping it in the parking lot seems like a missed opportunity.

I know that this idea will not happen... because that's just the way things go, but it's an idea.

Are there any other ideas that would be a great way to make use of this GIANT space shuttle replica?

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