Last year a 10 year old boy from Edina was seriously injured after being struck by a motorcycle after stepping off a school bus. The stop arm was out, when the 18 year old  motorcyclist went around stopped cars and blew by the bus, ignoring the stop arm, hitting the 10 year old as he attempted to cross the street.

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Get our free mobile app was able to obtain the video of the incident through a public records request.  "I really do hope that — as hard as the video is to watch — people see it and remember that their actions on the road can have bad consequences," said the victim’s dad Eric Howe. "It wasn’t as horrible as it could have been which is lucky for everyone involved."

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is hopeful that the Minnesota Legislature will renew funding for stop arm cameras. They are asking for almost 15 million dollars to equip more than half of the school buses in Minnesota.

"It makes reporting and following up on these violations much more efficient," said Mike Hanson with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety. "We’re talking to some of the jurisdictions where we have the cameras and the number of violations that they’re finding they have to follow up with their law enforcement partners — it's astounding."

The 10 year old hit by the motorcycle suffered a concussion and a broken femur.  The boy needed surgery and rehabilitation and has since recovered.

As for the 18 year old motorcyclist, he admitted to driving without a license and was first charged with criminal vehicular operation. He was later sentenced to probation after a plea deal.

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