ST. CLOUD - One of the most popular holiday gifts of 2015 has been banned from the campus of St. Cloud State University, due to safety concerns.

Hoverboards were a popular Christmas gift, but there have been increasing reports of them starting on fire, exploding and people getting hurt falling off of them.

St. Cloud State sent students an email on Wednesday issuing an immediate ban on hoverboards and similar motorized or mechanized self-balancing devices. Hoverboards will be banned from campus grounds, buildings and residential halls.

"In an effort toward safety, we are issuing an immediate ban. We understand these items may be a popular gift this holiday season, but we must emphasize that if you receive one, you should not bring it to campus," the email says.

SCSU will continue to examine the safety of the devices as more consumer research becomes available. They will provide an update when policy is implemented.