A stalwart of Minnesota Twins baseball on TV (when we could actually watch the Twins on TV) is hanging up his microphone after 40 years.

Dick Bremer announced earlier today that he's stepping away from the television broadcast booth after 4,972 games in it. He leaves as the longest-tenured broadcaster for a single Major League Baseball team.

Dick moves on to a Special Assistant role with the Twins front office, so at least the organization hasn't lost Dick, for now.

He began in 1983, left after 2 years, then returned for the 1987 season...which seems significant, for some reason.

In case you didn't know, Mr Bremer was born in St. Paul, graduated from Staples high school, then graduated from St Cloud State University.

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His play-by-play career outlasted Spectrum Sports, Twinsvision, Midwest Sports Channel, Victory Sports, Fox Sports North, and basically Bally Sports North.

In 2020 he published "Game Used: My Life in Stitches With the Minnesota Twins".

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Dick's retirement leaves a gaping hole in the television booth. Justin Morneau handled most of the color commentary this past season, but - in my opinion - doesn't have enough emotional range to step into the play-by-play role (blame Canada). So who could possibly fill Dick's shoes?

Former Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe occasionally joined the broadcast, but again doesn't have "it". Blame California for this one.

I'm glad it's not my job to find a replacement for him. My money's on the Twins radio play-by-play guy, Cory Provus. He's a familiar voice for Twins fans, and has the energy to be the main guy.

As long as it isn't Kris Atteberry. He did television play-by-play for the St Paul Saints, but I'm just not a fan of his play-by-play calling. His baseball knowledge is great for color commentary, but in my personal (read: DUMB) opinion, gets far too wordy for play-by-play.

Of course that opinion is steeped in jealousy because I've barely managed to call 10 high school baseball games in my entire life. I'm not in denial.

Here's a great piece about Dick's television milestone:

Thanks for the memories, Dick!

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