Yesterday I posited that yellowed pillows rule. Not pillows that were meant to be yellow; I'm talking about the pillows that earned their yellow stripes/splotches/overall whatevers.

To me - and to most guys - a yellowed pillow is a badge of honor. By this point, they're properly broken in. Why be bothered with a little (or a lot) discoloring? I'm trying to not be wasteful!

I'm trying to SAVE THE PLANET!

iAmChoad via YouTube
I'm not the hero you want, but I'm also not the hero you need or deserve (iAmChoad via YouTube)

So I asked YOU - the Loonatics - to weigh in. The consensus was: there wasn't a consensus.

Yet another thing this country can't agree on.

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Kris (via The Loon App): "[I] say yellow pillows are gross. Any thing that was white and turning yellow on your bed is very concerning. Unless you use yellow sheets or pillows."

From Facebook:

Corey (who knows the score): "No one knows they are yellow with a clean pillow case on them!"

Jason is reasonable: "Once a pillow case is on it, I don’t usually notice how yellow it is. I replace my pillows when I can no longer fluff them with a vigorous shaking."

Joey is concise: "Gross"

Roechelle answered with the modern-day hieroglyphics (emojis) for barfing. Crystal clear!

I asked my girlfriend and she just sighed and walked away.

The Final Word:

Out of sight, out of mind. Keep the clean pillow cases on, keep the peace in the household.

And maybe throw the pillows in the washer once in a while, if you can.

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