Most all of us have witnessed Minnesota's Mike Lindell aka MyPillow guy making the rounds to any media outlet that would have him. It's been a pretty expensive couple of years for Lindell. It's estimated that Lindell's MyPillow has lost $100 million after his election fraud claims.

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Last April, Lindell LLC lost an arbitration case and was ordered to pay $5 million to a man in connection with Lindell's "Prove Mike Wrong" challenge. Once again connected to Lindell's false election claims.

Still to be resolved is a billion dollar lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion successfully reached a settlement on a similar suit with FOX News months ago

Although Menards, Fleet Farm, as well as other retail outlets still carry MyPillow merchandise, many others have dropped his products from their inventory like Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

According cbsnews,com, Lindell is switching gears and going to a "direct to consumer route" in any effort to avoid lay-offs and move employees into a different position with the new business method. "I do every customer like my only customer and every employee like my only employee," he said.

A good amount of MyPillow industrial equipment is now on the auction block.  Heavy-duty and office equipment, trucks, sewing machines and miscellaneous items, close to 850 in all, will be auctioned off by K-BID Online Auctions.

The auction is set to end July 18 @ 7 PM. The auction location is listed as 4701A, Valley Industrial Blvd South, Shakopee, Minnesota.

It would be good if Lindell could survive financially. We all make less than smart decisions, sometimes, right?

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