Are you a snoozer?

As the weather here in Minnesota gets colder, it gets that much easier to hit snooze on the alarm as a way to stay in that cozy, warm bed just a little while longer, right?

In college I was proud of the fact that I would never hit snooze.  When the alarm went off, I got out of bed.  My roommate on the other hand?  It used to drive me crazy.  She'd hit snooze four or five times.

Photo by Leslie Soto on Unsplash
Photo by Leslie Soto on Unsplash

Well fast-forward to I hit snooze every day.  3 times at the most, 1 time for sure.  My alarm's snooze is 9 minutes, so at the most I spend an extra 27 minutes in bed.

Back in my college days I used to tell my roommate that it was bad for her health to hit snooze.  Admittedly I didn't know that for sure, I was just sick of hearing her alarm go off.  Turns out I may have been wrong.

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Snoozers rejoice!  A new study of 1,700 people from Stockholm University shows that it may be just fine to hit snooze.  Especially if you enjoy that in the morning.  And lets be honest, there is something enjoyable about waking up here in Minnesota with that chill in the air and know you get at least another 9 minutes to enjoy that cozy, warm bed.

Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash
Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

In the summary of the study they stated:

30 min of snoozing improved or did not affect performance on cognitive tests directly upon rising compared to an abrupt awakening.

So there you go, snoozers keep on snoozing!  Haters gonna hate...but you and your rested self won't care.


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