I walked into the breakroom at work today to see the most Minnesotan thing ever.

Monday morning there was a half-eaten platter of cookies from Sam's Club that someone in the building had left on the table for everyone else to enjoy. A super thoughtful gesture, and obviously people dug into them. Except for the last cookie. One measly candy cookie was left on the platter overnight.

Whoever took the cookie or cookies that were left there with it, what was so wrong with this final cookie that you couldn't take that one as well? Would that 50-piece size cookie be too much to add to your plate? Was there something "wrong" with that cookie out of the entire platter of uniform cookies available? The only thing that would make this worst is if the cookie was cut in half.

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And I'm not trying to call out my coworkers, this is more of a commentary on Minnesotans as a whole. Think about the last time you went out to eat with friends and split appetizers. I'm willing to bet no one ate the last fried pickle/onion ring/jalapeno popper/chip in the basket. For whatever reason, no one can seem to be the one to eat the last item of anything.

I know we are passive-aggressive Minnesotans, and we are also really caring and think that someone else might want that item. We want to share as much as we can. But chances are good that no one will actually miss that food item if it isn't there.

I just want to put this out there in hopes it will allow others to be brave enough to take action: I do NOT care if you eat the last item on the plate or platter. It's not going to hurt my feelings if you have the last of something. I would much rather someone at the table enjoy it, rather than a waiter come by and ask, "are we done with this?" and haul it off to be put in the trash.

Just eat the dang cookie. Or whatever food it is that is left. And then toss the packaging away.

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