ST. JOSEPH (WJON News) -- Granite City Gymnastics has broken ground on a brand-new facility.

Their new building will be in the Northland Business Center in St. Joseph just down the street from the new Trobec's Bus facility.

Amy Rodine owns the business with her husband Tommy. She says the new building will be a little bit larger, but also laid out better than their current facility in Waite Park.

Right now our building is split down the middle with two different gyms.  The viewing is not the greatest.  Some classes you have to watch on TV.  Our new gym is going to have a mezzanine and parents will be able to look down over their kids.

Rodine says they'll also have new equipment including three in-ground trampolines and three pits.

Granite City Gymnastics offers classes for ages starting at two years old up to 18 years old. They also have two teams with 90 gymnasts on those teams. They have 500 gymnasts in total.

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They are expecting to see a spike in interest again next year because it is an Olympics year.

They are hoping to be in their new location by late October.


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