One can only imagine what Uber drivers experience on a daily basis. Intoxicated passengers tend to be the biggest problem. Besides the obvious problems with drunk passengers, like puking in the car, obnoxious and belligerent passengers can be a real problem.

I'm not sure what the official Uber policy is on this but I would think the Uber driver has every right to request that these problem passengers get out of their vehicle if they are belligerent, rude, drunk and disorderly, whatever. It should be the Uber driver's prerogative as to who is allowed in his vehicle, based on behavior.

According to the Faribault Daily News, an Uber driver had his vehicle stolen after an intoxicated 18 year old woman from Plymouth, Grace Marie Morowczynski was, along with a friend, asked to get out of the vehicle because one of the passengers identified as Morowczynski was being disrespectful.

When the Uber driver and the other passenger exited the SUV, Morowczynski allegedly jumped into the driver's seat and took off down the street.

According to a court report, and officer responding to the stolen vehicle report spotted the stolen SUV. Morowczynski then allegedly drove over a berm and curb, made her way back onto the street and ran a stop sign.

This mayhem could have continued indefinitely had the stolen SUV not sprung a leak causing the vehicle to leak oil and coolant. According to charges, Morowczynski then exited the vehicle.

Morowczynski was given a breathalyzer test and transported to Northfield Hospital after she allegedly blew a 0.21 on the test. That would be almost the 3 times the legal limit to drive in Minnesota but right in the ballpark to make a bad decision.

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