Food delivery has become more common than ever. Sparked by the pandemic, it's has pretty much exploded with Uber Eats, DoorDash and the regular restaurant delivery people. So are some of these delivery people helping themselves to some of your food?

I've heard stories where people received the pizza they ordered, only to find that a piece was missing. Have you ever ordered food and thought maybe some wings were missing or the fries were a little light?

According to a new survey, over twenty percent of delivery customers thought their order was a bit light, in fact they believed the delivery guy had helped themselves to their food.

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About 54% of delivery drivers say they had never helped themselves to the food they were delivering but said they were tempted. I can imagine, especially if you're hungry, that it would be tempting to snack on a bit on the customer's food.

21% of drivers said the actually have eaten some of the food they were delivering.

The survey also asked customers how they felt about the delivery person helping themselves to their food. 84% said that it was unacceptable. So, the other 16% were alright with it?

I get it! Have you ever tried to make it home with a bag of food and not sample a few fries on the way?  Or, man that pizza smells good, just one piece for the ride. But the difference is it's your food and not food you are paid to deliver intact.

I imagine only a very small percentage of food delivery people would take it upon themselves to sample food they are paid to deliver. But like any other group, there are always those bad apples that cast a negative light on the others jut doing their job.

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