UNDATED (WJON News) -- The prize for the first drawing of the new year is currently estimated at $785 million ($395.0 million cash).

On only three previous occasions has the Mega Millions jackpot gone beyond $700 million, and all three times those rolls continued on past $1 billion.

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The top Mega Millions jackpots to date:

AmountDateWinning Tickets
$1.537 billion10/23/20181-SC
$1.337 billion7/29/20221-IL
$1.050 billion1/22/20211-MI
$785 million (est)1/3/2023?
$656 million3/30/20123-IL, KS, MD
$648 million12/17/20132-CA, GA
$543 million7/24/20181-CA
$536 million7/8/20161-IN
$533 million3/30/20181-NJ
$522 million6/7/20191-CA

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