I took my five-year-old to the Twins game Wednesday night and, as every parent knows, one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of going to a game (or any event for that matter) is finding the perfect souvenir to bring home.

We started by scouring the Twins Clubhouse Store to no avail, nothing he really liked there. Well, nothing that I was willing to shell out the money for! Even a souvenir helmet is $28 these days.

I thought that was a relatively crazy price for a thin plastic batting helmet and we moved on to one of the souvenir kiosks. Still nothing that really jumped out to him.

On our way to the restroom we passed the "game-used" merchandise stand, where they sell things like baseball that were used during a game or a signed pair of cleats. That is where I spotted the most shamelessly priced, borderline insane piece of 'memorabilia' that I have ever seen. 


Look at that. It's literally just an empty bucket of Double Bubble gum, and they are asking $300 for it! Not only that, but for that price the Twins didn't even get anyone to sign it, it's just a lonely, empty plastic bucket with no evidence that it has ANYTHING to do with the Twins at all.

Who came up with that price point? For comparison, a pair of custom, signed Joe Ryan cleats are $350. That I can see. This bucket? How did we land on $300?!

The tag claims it was used during the pennant-clinching celebration last weekend but if I put that thing on my mantle or in a man-cave, no one would have any idea why. They would probably just assume I am too lazy to throw out the garbage.

Listen, I love sports memorabilia and quirky pieces of sports history. I have a swath of the Metrodome roof for goodness sakes. I could see selling this for $20 to give someone a funny story to tell, but $300?! Absolute madness.

(By the way, my kid ended up settling for a stuffed puppy, which wasn't cheap but also wasn't an empty bucket for $300!)

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