Minnesotans are used to things falling from the sky. It comes with the changing of the seasons. In the winter it's snow, in the summer it's rain, in the fall it's leaves and in the summer it's ash from the Canadian wildfires.

But, I can honestly say, I've never heard of falling iguanas. That's what Florida is dealing with right now. According to Brian Shields from WFTV in Florida, 'Falling iguanas possible this weekend--especially Saturday night!"

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Uh, what?! How is this even a thing, you ask? Well, Shields says that when the temperature is 40 degrees or less, iguanas start to slow down. The colder weather can completely immobilize them. This might make the reptiles fall from the trees they are hiding in...and if you see them on the ground, leave them alone. They aren't dead. They're just feeling the cold weather like all of us.

KarlOrr78"Heads up folks". 

Powerforlife03 commented, "Not good, lots of ferals in FL, there will be a feast!"

JamesjDean4 said, "If this is going to become part of our winter weather forecasts, we need percentages like those given for other forms of precipitation. Is it a 50% or 70% chance of getting conked on the noggin by a 1950s creature feature dinosaur?"

In case you were wondering what the actual temperature will be in Florida this weekend, here's the forecast according to the National Weather Service.

Saturday's high is 49 degrees and sunny, with clear skies and an overnight low of 28 degrees. Burr, that's cold even for a Minnesotan!

Sunday is a little better, but not much--sunshine with a high of 54, clear skies overnight with a low of 35 degrees.

Parts of the state will be in a Wind Chill Advisory and a Freeze Watch this weekend. Those poor iguanas! Someone get them a winter coat!

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