When it comes to kids being supervised, times have surely changed. As a kid growing up in the 50's and 60's, I had minimal supervision. I always joke that there were so many baby boomers that if you lose a few here are there, it was no big deal.

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But times have changed. One thousand parents were asked in a recent survey, Were you allowed to do these 5 things unsupervised as a kid and would you let your kid do these same things unsupervised? According to RelayGo.com this is what they said.

Let your 10 year old kid stay home alone for an hour or two?  53% said they did as kids but only 36% of parents said they would allow it.

Walk or bike to school alone?  68% said they did it and 43% said they would allow their kid to do it.

Play in a public park on their own? 51% did as kids but 26% would let their kids do it.

Play in the yard without an adult?  91% did it as kids. 78% would let their kids do it today. Wow, in your own yard.

Go trick-or-treating without an adult?  I don't think I ever went with an adult and 44% of parents said they were allowed to but only 26% would let their kids do it.

What's happened to the world. I actually feel sorry for kids today. I don't think they ever get to experience that beautiful freedom of just being a kid.

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