ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- We got another five inches of snow in St. Cloud on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

That brings us to 84 inches of snow now for the entire season, from October into April.  That makes this now the third snowiest season in recorded history in St. Cloud.

Top snowiest seasons on record:
#1).  87.9" - 1964-1965
#2).  84.5" - 1936-1937
#3).  84.0" - 2022-2023

For the month of March, we had 23.7 inches of snow in St. Cloud.  This is now the 4th snowiest March.

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The snowiest March on record was 51.7 inches of snow, which fell in March of 1965.

St. Cloud Snow by the numbers:
#3 - Snowiest season so far (84")
#1 - Snowiest winter (Dec.-Feb.) (55.1")
#5 - Snowiest December (22.5")
#10 - Snowiest January (18.6")
#4 - Snowiest March so far (23.7")

Brace yourselves because another round of snow could be moving in next week.  A late season winter storm will impact portions of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest next Tuesday and Wednesday. Northerly track is currently favored (80% chance), while a more east track is less favored (20%). A more northerly track will favor heavier snow and wind.


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