I'm not a huge scary Halloween person, but I do appreciate those who go all out for the holiday. If you are looking to upgrade your Halloween set-up this year, there is a hearse for sale in Cosmos, that might just be what is missing, and then before or after Halloween you can drive it around, and use it if you want to.

The vehicle is being listed by Danny C in Cosmos, and as you can see from his posted vehicle he is also thinking about someone's Halloween display.

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The vehicle for sale is listed as a 1995 Fleetwood with an LT1 motor with roughly 42,000 miles on it. Another post about the hearse being for sale on another marketplace listing/page states that the "heater motor only blows on high." and that it "rides like a caddy should"

It also comes with a custom license plate that doubles as a Minnesota collector's plate (no tabs!). The plate reads 666RIDE.

I'd imagine that a hearse would have a pretty good maintenance history, they generally aren't going to be driven hard, and I would think they would also last a while as funeral homes are more often replacing a hearse in order to upgrade to a newer body style rather than an older looking hearse.

While this one isn't something that the Munsters are Addams Family would be cruising around in, as it's not that retro, it would be appealing for someone for a decoration or someone who could do something else with the caddy. Pizza delivery anyone?

The hearse is listed for sale for $7,500.

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