Last week wasn't bad, 4-2 including a huge college winner for you, as USC was a ten point 'dog at Notre Dame, and won the game straight up, just as I predicted.  There are a lot of big favorites this week, and I have chosen to leave all of them alone.

Here's the plan for week 8, check it out.

1) Buffalo Bills (-6.5) vs. Washington Redskins -- The Bills look as if they could possibly be a playoff team for the first time in several years, and their offense will certainly score enough at home to beat the 'Skins.  The Buffalo "D" has been very good at taking the ball away from opposing offenses this year, and that doesn't bode well for Washington.  The Redskins offensive skill players are terrible, something Coach Mike Shanahan never had to worry about in Denver.  Expect a big day from Fred Jackson out of the Buffalo backfield, and a few untimely Redskins turnovers.  It all adds up, to 31-10 Bills.

2) Carolina Panthers (-3) vs. Minnesota Vikings -- Cam Newton, at home, against a team that the Panthers can beat.  That's a winning formula, right there!  Christian Ponder was respectable in his first ever start last week for the Vikes, but this week he hits the road for the first time as a starter, and will be asked to match points with Cam Newton.  That's not going to happen.  The Panthers "D" isn't stellar, but it will load up to stop Adrian Peterson, forcing the young Vikings QB to make some big plays.  He may make some, but I don't think he will make enough.  Plus, the Panthers usually play much better in the second half of games this year, which is exactly when Minnesota has been outplayed and outcoached.  This is a winnable game for the Vikings, but the way this season is going, I have to see it - to believe it.  23-16, Panthers.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) vs. New England Patriots -- You have heard me say that I don't like to bet against Tom Brady.  And many of you know that I am not a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger.  But Pittsburgh is never an underdog at home, and I expect them to come out and play very well.  Plus, I don't see many games left on the Pats' schedule that are possible losses, except possibly this one.  New England has been running the ball more this year than in seasons past, but I don't expect them to have much success on the ground against Pittsburgh.  The Patriots weakness is in the secondary, and the Steelers receivers are very fast, and dangerous.  I expect a lot of points in this game, which has grown into a legitimate rivalry that New England has gotten the better of, lately.  But I think the tide will change, at least for one day.  Steelers get the last laugh, and the last FG, and win, 38-35.

4) Philadelphia Eagles (-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys -- If there is one team this week that needs to win, and win impressively, it's the Eagles.  Coming off their bye week, they should be hungry, mad, and very motivated to blow out Dallas.  The Philly offense matches up very well against the 'Boys, and Michael Vick is way, way overdue for that breakout game.  Conversely, I don't think Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray will shred the Eagles "D", like he did the Rams last week.  Tony Romo, for whatever the reason, does not historically play well against the Eagles, and any turnovers would be killers.  The Eagles will have their best showing of the season so far, in front of the home fans, and the entire nation, on Sunday night.  They pull away in the second half, and win, 34-24.

5) San Diego Chargers (-3) at Kansas City Chiefs -- The Chargers should still be upset over losing a game they had, to the Jets, last week in New York.  Heck, they should still be mad at losing the division to the Chiefs last year - so this is a great spot for them to show who really is the best team in the AFC West.  The Chiefs have won two straight, but that was against Peyton-less Indy, and QB-less Oakland last week.  The Chargers offense will give K.C. fits, and the Chargers "D" should be able to make Matt Cassell look like, well, Matt Cassell.  Dwayne Bowe never hurts San Diego, and the Chargers should be able to force several '3rd and long' situations.  Believe it or not, the Chargers have had this game circled on the schedule all year long.  They're better than the Chiefs, and they'll prove it.  34-17, Bolts.

Last week: 4-2

For the season: 18-12