Yeah, you thought there were only 4 seasons in Minnesota. Sure doesn't seem that way. It seems that Minnesota weather is all over the place. The good old North Country gives us a wide variety of temps, ranging from -20- to mid 90's or even warmer.

It may seem like maybe Summer might be just a few weeks away. Don't be fooled! Mother Nature is a crafty jokester!

So, to me, it seems there are at least 12 seasons in Minnesota;

Winter; We all know this one.  Bitter cold, snow and ice. By far, my least favorite time of the year.

Fool's Spring: Sure feels like Spring, but Minnesotans know Mother Nature is just messing with us.

Second Winter; How about another blizzard just to show who's boss?  This can be downright depressing.

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Spring of Deception;  Aw yeah, now we're talkin'. Nice temps. Yea, Spring is in the air.

Third Winter; Hey, how about just one more round of snow?

The Pollenating; After all the crappy weather has kept your sinuses guessing, it's now time to let allergies kick your butt.

Actual Spring; The trees are budding and occasional rain showers are washing away all the Winter slime. Yea, it's here!

Summer;  Mild daytime temps and cool nights. Bugs have figured out where you are.

Hell's Front Porch: Hot and humid with the occasional thunder boomer. Maybe even a tornado or two.  Great time to get out on the lake and enjoy being scantily clad.

False Fall;  That's where we are now. Cooler temps and time to get the warmer wardrobe out but DO NOT put away the Summer stuff quite yet.

Second Summer; It's back!  Enjoy the great temps and take advantage of the mild weather to clean up the leaves that have given up for the year.

Actual Fall; Finally here, that grease slide to Winter we call Fall. R.I.P. bugs

And the cycle continues.


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