UNDATED (WJON News) -- Apparently we here in Minnesota don't have a lot to say but when we do speak we say it fast.

The learning platform Preply has revealed which U.S. states have the fastest talkers and which ones are the most talkative.

They say Minnesotans average 5.34 syllables per second, making us the fastest talkers. Coming in a close second is Oregon. Six of the top ten fast-talking states are in the Midwest including Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

The slowest talking states are primarily in the south topped by Louisiana.

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When it comes to how much we talk, Iowans are the least talkative followed closely by Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

People from New York are the most talkative.

Preply analyzed two nationally conducted studies that used YouTube videos and over four million phone calls to put the results together.

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