ST. JOSEPH (WJON News) -- The St. Joseph police chief is looking to add a position to his department.

During Monday night's meeting, Chief Dwight Pfannenstein will ask the city council to approve the position of Deputy Police Chief.

He says when he first started with the department 20 years ago the city had a police chief, one sergeant, and four full-time officers.  At that time they were responding to just over 2,000 calls per year.  Now, they have two sergeants, and nine full-time officers and their call load has doubled.

With the creation of a deputy chief position, the two sergeants would shift to supervising the evening shift while the deputy chief would essentially oversee and manage operations during regular business hours.

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Just last month the city of Sauk Rapids approved the hiring of a new deputy chief for its police department.

The city of Sartell also had a deputy chief, but the city of Waite Park does not.


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