St. Cloud Superman has kind of been keeping a low profile lately. It used to be that for over 20 years you'd see him by Dairy Queen on Division Street nearly every day in the spring and summer months dressed in full costume. It would have the community buzzing with stories.

But, we haven't heard from him in awhile outside of a few random sightings around town, and mostly without his superman outfit...until now. People have been wondering what he's up to. We finally have some answers.

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St. Cloud Superman also known as John Fillah has created a private Facebook group called, "St. Cloud Superman's Fortress of Solitude". The group was created In May of 2021 and has 179 members.

According to the about section of the group, it's 'A Sanctuary for true Freedom loving , God fearing, Patriots with no censorship and the true Freedom of Expression to speak your mind like our Founding Fathers intended in the Constitution."

The description goes on to say, "If your offended by anything or anyone in this group....GOOD!! Go find your safe zone but it ain't here. We stand for " Truth, Justice and the American Way".

Nearly a year ago there was speculation that St. Cloud Superman may be returning to his post. He was spotted at Rapids Alterations & Repair getting his cape mended. The alterations shop wrote, "Important Client #27: Not to brag, but we just repaired St. Cloud Superman's Cape."

That same day, Jennifer Morrison wrote on Facebook, "we're saved...St. Cloud Superman is back!!!" Several others commented that they too saw him back in costume.

But, then he went silent for awhile. But, not anymore. He's got his own Facebook group online. You can check it out here. 

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