When I was a kid, before social media, we had to come up with stupid ideas all by ourselves. The internet has deprived kids now of thinking up their own moronic stunts. Just when you think the internet is making kids smarter, we must think again..

Last Friday, according to fox9.com, paramedics had to be called to a middle school in Edina after several students complained of a variety of different reactions to a Tik Tok challenge called the "One Chip Challenge.".

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The challenge is actually a marketing campaign that's been around for several years. It is promoted by a company called Paqui which is owned by Hershey. Paqui markets a chip that is coated with what is referred to as the hottest pepper in the world, Carolina Reaper pepper.

The "One Chip Challenge" is popular among middle and high school students. The idea is to eat one of the Carolina Reaper pepper covered Paqui chips and see how long you can go without drinking any water. Students film each other for the reaction to the extremely hot Paqui chip.

Students at the Edina middle school were treated for a variety of things including, difficulty breathing, eye pain that was most likely a result of the pepper dust from the chips. Fortunately, none of the students had to be taken to the hospital.

Schools in Colorado, California, Georgia and Texas among others have reported more serious reactions to the challenge.

The Poison Control Center actually has a web page that deals with the challenge. Evidently, the culprit in the ingredients of the chip coating is a ingredient called capsaicin, found naturally in chili peppers.

When consumed in large quantities, some reactions could be mild mouth and throat pain all the way to irritation or pain of the throat or even intestinal irritation. Even worse, in high concentrations the chips could cause heart palpitations and even a heart attack, though extremely rare.

The best way to counter the affect of capsaicin is to drink milk, according to the Poison Control Center. If you get it in your eyes, wash them out for 10 to 20 minutes with warm water.

A school district in Louisiana has actually put a policy in place against the Paqui chips. "Students in possession of the Paqui chip, those who provide the chip to others, and those who participate in the chip challenge while on school grounds, on buses," or at school-sponsored events "will face disciplinary action," the district's statement read.

Edina Public Schools has also put a policy in place against the chips on school property.

Just in case, here ins the number for the Poison Control Center  1-800-222-1222

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