SAUK RAPIDS (WJON News) -- The Sauk Rapids City Council will consider a temporary moratorium on any new community residential facilities in the downtown business district during Monday's meeting.

Community Development Director Todd Schultz describes the facilities as assisted living for a wide variety of ages.

There are two of these facilities already in or adjacent to the downtown with one more potentially opening. They have about 50 tenants currently between the two.

Schultz says a temporary moratorium would give city staff and the council time to discuss the issue further and determine if these types of facilities should be more evenly spread out throughout the city.

The D-1 District that would be impacted by the temporary moratorium is shaded in purple int he graphic below.

City of Sauk Rapids
City of Sauk Rapids

Currently, the city does allow Community Residential Facilities in the D-1 District as a conditional use. However, given the downtown's recent development, the city is concerned about their appropriateness and compatibility in the district.

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Under state law, a moratorium can last up to one year, but the intent is to enact any amendments to the zoning ordinance as quickly as possible.


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