For many, many years my dad and I would go to TwinsFest at the Metrodome. For about $5 you could spend the day roaming the actual Metrodome playing field while acquiring autographs and checking out cool exhibits.

One of my favorite things at TwinsFest was the opportunity to catch fly balls against the big baggie in right field while trying to find the baseball in the bright white ceiling. As a kid it was a big thrill!

The National Baseball Hall of Fame would bring some cool exhibits to town, like Babe Ruth's bat and memorabilia from throughout the history of the Twins. One year I even got to meet Hall of Famer Bob Feller.

Then, the Twins moved to Target Field. The prices went up and the space inside the 'club level' was cramped, hot and uncomfortable. After that, the pandemic happened and TwinsFest was put on hold.

This year they are bringing the event back... sort of. Gone are the days of $5 getting families a day of fun. Instead, for $35 you will be able to buy a 'standing room' ticket for a new event called TwinsFest Live! Your $35 gets you photo opportunities and a cash bar... what a deal and great for families!

For $149 Twins fans can have 'light' appetizers, two drinks, a stool to sit on and a gift bag! Wow! For only $279 fans can get exclusive player access, an open bar, 'heavy' appetizers and more.

So the Twins are taking an event that was priced for families and young adults and turning it into a VIP gala for nearly $300 a ticket. Cool.

On the second day of TwinsFest they will host something closer to the old version of TwinsFest with "Signature Saturday." Tickets for this event cost $20 for adults and $12 for kids.

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