A fatal shooting that happened over a decade ago was the focus of a Dateline NBC investigation this past Friday night (10/20).

The case centers on an alleged home invasion in St Paul that left Heidi Firkus dead and her husband Nick in the hospital.

Plot twist: the couple was dealing with financial trouble.

Heidi and Nick (Image via NBC Universal)
Heidi and Nick (Image via NBC Universal)

This 2-hour episode titled "65 Seconds" will feature interviews with Heidi's brother Pete Erickson and sister-in-law Jolene, as well as Nick's second wife Rachel, close friends of Nick, and others.

A quick preview of the episode is below.

A 13-year old cold case usually doesn't offer much hope of being solved.

The title, "65 Seconds", refers to the time between Heidi's desperate 911 call that ended with a gunshot, and Nick's 911 call claiming that his gun went off while fighting off an intruder.

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Additional plot twist: while investigators searched for the alleged suspect (described by Nick as a Black male) Nick remarried and had three kids. The 2nd wife - Rachel - became suspicious when she and Nick faced the same problem that Nick and Heidi faced: falling behind on property taxes and facing eviction.

The police never found evidence of a break-in. Nor did they find evidence that a third person was even present at the scene of the crime.

Sus? Yes, quite sus.

Dateline NBC airs tonight (10/20) at 8pm Central on NBC (makes sense), with reporting by NBC News' Blayne Alexander. Take a break from your usual murder mysteries and learn about this Minnesota murder mystery that was finally solved after 13 years.

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